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Capt. Allick is Dialed In

Come fish the beautiful inshore waters of the Lowcountry with Captain Allick Inglis.   Fish and play in our bountiful saltwater estuaries, with live bait and light tackle. We  customize each private adventure on our 22'  Bay boat to exceed our customers expectations. We typically target red fish, speckled sea-trout, flounder, sharks , tarpon, cobia and trippletail.  Experience a plethora of wildlife on our trips. Dolphin watching, sharks tooth hunting and nature tours are also available.

The Finest Fishing Experience

Captain Allick is well known on the May for being “Dialed In.” If locals want to know where to find some bull reds, or where the shrimp are at, Allick is the first call they make. When the other boats are coming up empty, Allick is reeling them in. Allick is incredibly knowledgeable about the native species in the area and an excellent tour guide. If you are into catching the “big cool stuff,” allick is your guy. After accuiring local bait, when ever possible, he will have you reeling in tarpon, shark, cobia, and other large saltwater species. Allick is happy to send you home with a seafood feast for dinner that night, but is adamant about sustainable fishing, so after you get your supper time keepers, you’ll be throwing the rest back so the May River continues to thrive and provide for years to come.

A Unique Adventure

If fishing isn't for you, Join Capt. Allick on a dolphin tour, play at the sand bar, or hunt for sharks' teeth. Allick is a dad to two, and enjoys sharing his love of the river with families of all ages.

  • fishing 

  • shrimping/crabbing

  • sharks tooth hunting and exploring

  • scenic boat rides and dolphin watching


What to Bring

  • Safety is a top priority and life jackets are aboard the boat. All children under 12 are required to where a life vest while underway, and we recommend you bring one they are comfortable in or notify Captain Allick ahead of time if you would like us to provide one.

  • Dress in layers and bring non-spray sunscreen, water, and snacks. 

  • If you would like to keep fish for your family that evening we recommend you bring a travel cooler, ice, and a zip-lock bag. Captain Allick will filet the fish and will try to have bags on hand.

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